Team Internship Program (TIP) Success: Interview with Engineer Matt Myrhum

October 18, 2023

Employers today seek engineers who possess not only technical expertise but also the capacity to collaborate effectively within a team. The Team Internship Program (TIP) through the UC San Diego Corporate Affiliates Program is crafted to enrich students' educational journey by immersing them in real-world engineering experiences within a team dynamic. Within TIP, students engage in on-site projects with industry partners, collaborating as a multi-disciplinary team to tackle well-defined and impactful projects.

Matt Myrhum, a recent Mechanical Engineering alumnus, completed his internship at Collins Aerospace in the Summer of 2023, where he combined his passion for aerospace engineering and sustainability. He collaborated with peers on complex, real-world projects and gained a crucial understanding of what it takes to succeed as an engineer. Read on to hear about Matt's experience and where he is today!

What led you to apply for TIP?
I discovered a TIP opportunity that combined my passions for aerospace engineering and sustainability. The TIP Program allowed me to seamlessly apply the knowledge I’d cultivated in the classroom to real-world situations. Also, the prospect of collaborating with my peers from school added an extra layer of appeal. I was able to step into a new and unfamiliar situation alongside my peers, making the transition smoother and more enjoyable.

What did you gain by participating in TIP?
I had the privilege of working alongside seasoned professionals with decades of expertise who were genuinely committed to my success. I embraced the chance to learn from them and I gained invaluable knowledge. 

What was the outcome of your experience?
The TIP program not only deepened my insight into the key attributes needed to become a successful professional engineer but also demonstrated how my academic experience can serve as a catalyst for my future career success. I walked away from this experience with the practical knowledge I needed for my first job after graduation. 

What advice do you have for students who may be interested in the TIP Program?
I strongly encourage fellow students to actively pursue any available TIP opportunities and, if granted one, strive to maximize the incredible experience it offers. 

What are you up to now?
I recently accepted a position with General Atomics- ASI to be a Cable Harness Integration Engineer. I'm ecstatic!