Lisa Poulikakos

October 19, 2023

Assistant Professor Lisa Poulikakos Named 2023 Packard Fellow for Innovative Nanomaterials Advancements in Imaging Science

Assistant Professor Lisa Poulikakos was named a 2023 Packard Fellow for Science and Engineering, receiving an unrestricted $875,000 research grant over five years. Her groundbreaking work focuses on developing acoustoplasmonic nanomaterials to revolutionize imaging technology.

Huihui Qi

October 17, 2023

Associate Teaching Professor Huihui Qi Leads NSF-Funded Initiative to Empower Engineering Students as Self-Regulated Learners

Associate Teaching Professor Huihui Qi has secured a three-year National Science Foundation (NSF) grant to enhance engineering students' self-regulation and learning skills. Collaborating with a diverse UC San Diego team, her research will focus on integrating course-based interventions to nurture cognitive and metacognitive abilities, bridging the gap in fostering successful, self-regulated learners.

Aaron Rosengren

October 17, 2023

Assistant Professor Aaron Rosengren Secures Grant for Cutting-Edge Cislunar Space Research and Space Domain Awareness

Assistant Professor Aaron Rosengren has been awarded a grant from the University Consortium Research Opportunity to tackle critical issues in space operations and domain awareness within the cislunar realm, stretching beyond the geostationary belt.

John Hwang

October 17, 2023

NASA Awards $750,000 Grant to Assistant Professor John Hwang for Cutting-Edge Aircraft Design Advancements

Assistant Professor John Hwang is spearheading a team of researchers in a groundbreaking project funded by NASA with a $750,000 grant.

Marc Meyers

October 9, 2023

Celebrating Professor Meyers: A Legacy of Excellence and Two Prestigious Awards

Professor Meyers, a principal member of the Jacobs School of Engineering for nearly four decades, was recently involved with two outstanding awards.