Celebrating Professor Meyers: A Legacy of Excellence and Two Prestigious Awards

Marc Meyers
October 9, 2023

Professor Meyers, a principal member of the Jacobs School of Engineering for nearly four decades, was recently involved with two outstanding awards. The first is the establishment of the Marc Andre Meyers Award on Composite and Ceramic Materials granted by the Brazilian Society of Metals, Materials, and Minerals. The largest and most established organization of its kind in the country of Brazil, this award will be granted annually by the Society to individuals who excel in the field of composite and ceramic materials. Additionally, Professor Meyers is the 2023 recipient of the coveted Robert Moskovic Award from the European Structural Integrity Society for his contributions in the field of the dynamic behavior of materials and characterization of new materials. The award acknowledges individuals who have achieved distinguished careers in science and academia, earning recognition and respect from their peers on a global scale.