Assistant Professor Lisa Poulikakos Named 2023 Packard Fellow for Innovative Nanomaterials Advancements in Imaging Science

October 17, 2023

Assistant Professor Lisa Poulikakos has been named a 2023 Packard Fellow for Science and Engineering by the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, securing a prestigious five-year, unrestricted research grant of $875,000. Poulikakos' pioneering research focuses on the development of cutting-edge nanomaterials to overcome the limitations of existing imaging technologies, particularly in terms of resolution, penetration depth, and experimental complexity. Her work in acoustoplasmonic nanomaterials, designed to manipulate both light and sound waves in novel ways, holds the promise of revolutionizing imaging technology by delivering unprecedented resolution and penetration depth within a miniaturized, on-chip framework. Inspired by David Packard's commitment to advancing science and engineering, the Packard Fellowships for Science and Engineering empower researchers like Poulikakos to explore innovative concepts and expand the boundaries of scientific knowledge. This accolade will provide her with the opportunity to continue fruitful collaborations with MAE faculty, including Associate Professor Nicholas Boechler.

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