Teaching Assistant Program

The application for Fall 2018 is now open! Submit your application here



Priority TAships and Readerships will go to continuing students in the PhD program in MAE. The hiring process is EXTREMELY competitive and it is likely that new students to the program will not find a position. You are welcome to complete an application when they become available. A link will be provided on this web page as well as the MAE home page when the application period is open.


Are you having problems with your TA skills? Go to the UCSD Teaching + Learning Commons for free workshops!

If you would like a copy of your TA evaluations, please send an email to Zach Dake and allow for five business days.

SAFETY TRAINING CERTIFICATE NOW REQUIRED (click here for more information)

The safety training must be completed by the end of second week of the quarter OR you must inform MAE Student Affairs that you are enrolled in a course. Click the link above for more information.

The department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering employs teaching assistants, readers, and undergraduate tutors during each quarter of the academic year. We fill these positions on a quarterly basis through an application and selection process.

ATTENTION: Non-native English speakers may need to pass the English Language Certification Exam.  If English is not your first language, please read here before applying.

Steps to being hired:
Announcements will be made by email and posted on the MAE website each quarter.
  • Complete the on line application by the deadline. The link to the application can be found on the MAE homepage under "announcements." An email is also sent out to all MAE students. This link changes every quarter so do not use an old one.
  • Applications are reviewed by the teaching faculty during and after the application period. If you are chosen for a position, you will receive an email that contains your appointment letter. Due to the high volume of applications, we are not able to email those who are not successful in obtaining a position.
  •  Once you receive the email, it will give you further instructions for being hired.
  •  We do not recommend contacting the professor of the course because of the high volume of inquiries.
Requirements for employment as a TA, Reader or Tutor:
Teaching Assistants and Graduate Readers must be graduate students who are registered full time students (12 units or more of upper-division undegraduate courses or graduate courses.  Lower-division undergraduate courses DO NOT count towards the 12 unit minimum) and in good academic standing. Preference will go to PhD students in the MAE department. Readers can be undergraduate or graduate students.
Undergraduates must be registered full time students, in junior or senior standing with an overall GPA of 3.0. Most professors require that undergraduates also have a grade of B or A in the course you wish to apply.
Teaching Assistants are evaluated each quarter by the students in the class and the professor teaching the class. If evaluations are poor, TA's may be asked to enroll in a TA course through the Center for Teaching Development (ctd.org) and/or an English language skills course, if applicable. Evaluations are available to the TA the quarter after the evaluation is completed by request. If you would like your TA evaluations, email Zach Dake at zdake@eng.ucsd.edu. Please allow at least a week for delivery.

Teaching Assistants must be registered full time graduate students (minimum 12 units) in good academic standing. Preference will go to PhD students in the MAE department. Readers can be undergraduate or graduate students. 

Undergraduates must be registered full time students, in junior or senior standing, with an overall GPA of at least 3.0. Most professors require that undergraduates also have a grade of B or A in the course you wish to apply.



Teaching Assistants for summer are paid once per month at the end of the month or the beginning of the following month.  TAs hired at 25% may expect a gross monthly salary of approximately $1,147.39, and TAs hired at 50% may expect a gross monthly salary of approximately $2,294.78 (NOTE: The rates have not been finalized yet and ARE NOT GUARANTEED.  The rates may be more, less, or the same that you see here.  If selected for a position, please refer to your appointment letter for your exact salary).

Readers (graders) are typically hired at either 25% time (50 hours/session) or 50% time (100 hours/session).

Undergraduate Readers earn $15.00 per hour.*

Graduate Readers earn $15.78 per hour.*

Reader/Tutor Time Sheets: All Readers and Tutors must complete time sheets in order to be paid. Time sheets can be picked up from EBU2, in the Business Affairs Wing. Deadlines and instructions are listed on the time sheet. Time sheets must be completed on time. Pay cannot be completed if a time sheet is not turned in.  Do NOT go over the hours listed in your appointment letter without prior approval from the instructor of record and the department student affairs manager.


TA's at 25% or higher and graduate student readers at 25% or higher will have most in-state, resident fees paid as part of their compensation package (approx. $5,401/quarter). This includes health insurance.

PLEASE NOTE: Students are responsible for $272.06 in Student Services Fees. 

Non-resident and international students are also fully responsible for nonresident tuition PLUS the student services fees (approx. $5,306.06/quarter).

Undergraduate students are responsible for ALL tuition and fees.

* rates as of 10/1/17

Time sheets for Readers and Tutors can be picked up in EBU 2, First Floor, Business Administration Front Desk.
Teaching + Learning at the College Level (previously titled the College Classroom) is a non-credit workshop series aimed at graduate students and postdocs who already have experience as teaching assistants and are interested in making the leap from grading, running discussion sessions, or leading labs to being the instructor-of-record at UC San Diego and beyond. The program (80 minutes per week) is offered in the Fall and Winter Quarters.
All information about the agreement between the Regents of the University of California and the International Untion, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America (UAW), AFL-CIO Academic Student Employees Unit can be found here
The UAW/ASE Contract with the UC System is available for your review.
Questions? Contact Zach Dake at zdake@eng.ucsd.edu