Graduate Student Financial Support

Financial support for PhD students in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering comes in the form of fellowships, traineeships, and research assistantships.  Awards of financial support are very competitive and, unfortunately, we cannot fund everyone. Stipends range from approximately $7,500 to $30,000 for the academic year, plus tuition and fees.

Departmental Fellowships are given to the most outstanding PhD applicants to the program. They are provided through the generous support of the Jacobs School of Engineering. Stipends can range from $7,500 to $30,000/year plus tuition and fees.

Graduate Student Researchships are given to PhD applicants through grants acquired by faculty in the department. Typically, a student will work part time in the lab of a faculty member and earn a starting salary of $25,000/year plus tuition and fees.

Teaching assistantships are given to continuing students in the department. This helps to insure that the TA's are qualified and familiar with the material.  Students can apply to TA positions in other departments on the Open Positions website.

Financial support decisions are based on the strength of the student's admission file. The MAE Graduate Affairs Committee looks at GPA, GRE scores, previous institution and letters of recommendation. The Committee also looks at the student's area of interest to determine if there is sufficient active research in MAE for the student to benefit.

Continuing students most commonly receive support in the form of a research assistantship or teaching assistantships during the academic year.

Residency Requirements

Non-residents of the state of California must establish residency immediately upon entering the State. If students do not establish residency by the end of their first year of study, out of state tuition WILL NOT BE COVERED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. This means that even if a student holds a TA or Graduate Student Researcher position, the out of state tuition will not be covered under these jobs.

Establishing residency can be a lengthy and frustrating experience. Students are encouraged to start with this residency information and read it thoroughly from beginning to end. Departments can't answer questions about residency because it involves laws of the State of California. All questions must be sent to the Residence Deputy.

Tuition and Fees

Currently, there is no funding provided by the department for MS students. For more information on financial support, please visit these web sites:

Travel Funding

The MAE Department provides travel grants of up to $1,000 per fiscal year (July - June) to Ph.D. students presenting their work at conferences.  Applicants must be in good academic standing and must be registered for the quarter during which the conference takes place.  Students applying for grants during the summer must have been registered during the preceding spring quarter.

To apply for travel funding, Ph.D. students must submit an MAE Ph.D. Student Travel Grant Form prior to booking travel arrangements.  If approved, the student will receive a confirmation email from the MAE Student Affairs Office with the award amount.  Prior to travel, the student must contact the faculty assistant (who will be cc'd on the award confirmation email) for details on travel requirements.  Payment of funds will be processed as a reimbursement.

The GSA also has funds available for graduate and professional students; follow this link for more information.