Robotics encompasses a wide range of integrated actuation, electronic, sensor, communication, computation, man-machine interface, and other technologies to produce intelligent devices, vehicles, and other products that operate with increasing levels of intelligence, safety and autonomy.  Such products perceive, monitor, and map their surroundings; locate, detect and identify objects of interest; make decisions based on an understanding of their environment and various user inputs; and take actions in response.  In addition to their presence in areas such as industry, advanced manufacturing, and farming, robots are being increasingly deployed in non-traditional areas such as medicine, health monitoring of infrastructure, protection and surveillance, and our homes.  In the not-so-distant future, robots are envisioned to safely co-exist in close proximity to humans, and assist them in the pursuit of all sort of tasks.

The Robotics group at UCSD is working on making this vision a reality by investigating the design and stabilization of highly agile mobile robots, the synthesis of algorithms for autonomous robot motion planning and perception, and the coordination of robotic networks performing complex tasks in dynamic environments.


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